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5800 Themes & Wallpapers



Below are some links to website where you can download free Themes for your 5800.

Featured Themes

Click on the images for download links

5800Base Theme .tdf for 5800

I have created a Basic theme for 5800 for people to use a template when using Carbide 3.4 theme creator. I have uploaded the 5800base folder including .tdf file and .sis file for you to download which needs to be placed in your Program files/Nokia/carbide3.4/workspace folder.

This theme is intended to simulate the 5800 Soundwaves default theme, with similar straight level indicators, touch input and music player details.
I have not used the same colours (otherwise you might as well use the default theme) and there are some differences that i was unable to alter in carbide but its a starting block for you to create some 5800 style themes rather than using Haze or Jingmask or the outdated default Blue Carbide theme. Screenshots below.

Download 5800base


One of the New features of the Nokia 5800 and 5th Edition software is the improvement in Full Screen Wallpaper Display.
In the past some Nokia phone models allowed for a full screen wallpaper while others including the N95 would only show a 3/4 image as a wallpaper.
This created a rather distorted image with bars at the top and bottom. The image left shows an N95 with Theme Image and Wallpaper image.

The 5800 allows you to set a image/photo that will fit the Idle screen exactly as a true full
screen image. There is also a resize "wallpaper" feature in the Gallery that allows you to crop any of your photos to a 640x360 screen resolution.

This has reduced the need for creating Themes, because as i see it, most people just want to use a cool photo (of their friends or places) as their wallpaper rather than creating a theme that has different coloured Fonts, Icons and Backgrounds.
Nokia have used a background gradient around the on-screen displays which allows a white image to still show the Battery and Signal strength indicators while the indicators themselves are white. The ability to add any image as a true full screen wallpaper means that rather than creating a complicated theme you can just download a cool image from the internet move it to your phone, crop it to 640x360 and "set as Wallpaper" from the Gallery Options.

I have selected 12 images i collected from the Internet and put then in a zip folder. Click on the image left to download

Get more Free wallpapers from the websites below, Click on an image to visit the websites

5800 Default Themes

If you want the Red or Blue 5800 themes, download the zip folder and follow the Install Notes. There are 2 images to choose from Wavelength and Soundwave. Download below:

RED Theme

BLUE Theme

Carbide 3.4 theme creator

To create themes for this phone you need to
Download Carbide 3.4 theme Edition
Below are some of the new screen displays in the 5800. From left to right, Call Dialer, Virtual ITU, Virtual keyboard and Dialer.

5800 Freeware


Nokia Store
The Nokia Store is the best place to find Paid and Free apps for your phone. When i started this blog the Nokia store didn't exist but since then neraly all developers release their apps via the Nokia store as it will give them the best promotion for their app. There are literally 1000's of apps at the store. Below are some of my favourtites.

Application Types

Symbian Applications .sis or .sisx (Signed)
Install using the Nokia Suite


Symbian Applications .sis or .sisx (Unsigned) Get files Signed at Symbiansignedonline
Sign then
Install using the Nokia Suite

Widget .wgz Files.
Install by moving to Phone or SD card Memory and select Open.

Java based Applications .jar & .jad Files
Install by moving to Phone or SD card Memory and Open from .jad or .jar (if .jad is not present)

Flash .swf Files
Install by moving to Phone or SD card Memory and Open. Depending on your browser settings you may need to Right click and "Save link As" to download to a PC.

Certificate Problems
If you get error “Certificate Error, contact the application supplier”. To accept all applications Go to Settings > Application mgr. > Installation sett. Change Software installation from Signed Only to All and Online certificate check to Off. 
If you get "Certificate Expired" Go to Settings > Phone > Date and Time and set the date to an earlier time, one year should be enough. You can change the date back after you have installed the application. 

Freeware Applications

Calc Touch
Calc Touch is touch screen calculator by Offscreen. It is a very useful everyday calculator. It has a very similar design to the iPhone Calculator and easy to use buttons. It is available from the Nokia store here.

Brightlight Touch
This is a really useful application which turns your phone into a torch by turning on the 2 LED flashlights in the camera. It makes a very effective torch which is easy to turn on and off with the touch switch. Download directly to your phone via the Nokia application or Brightlight

Level Touch
This application from OffScreen Technologies turns your 5800 into a spirit level. It uses the accelerometer in the phone to show the movement/ rotation as a level indication. It is a stylish and simple application that you can download directly to your phone from the Nokia store or Level

DeviceInfo 2
Device Info has had an update. The widget from now shows the Memory, RAM and battery status with a graphical display. This is a really useful addition allowing you to see how much power you are using .It is an alternative to the Device Updates screen (*#0000#) found in the Phone mgmt. folder. It also shows Bluetooth, Wlan Mac address and other system info.

Timer v.1.0
There is some confusion whether this is a freeware application. As Offscreen Technology is no longer offering it for sale, They may have released it as freeware. I have temporarily hosted the original 1.0 version. It is a stylish digital Stopwatch with a lap counter.

This is a Flash .swf version of the classic Battleship game. You therefore start the game by simply clicking on the file rather ta
han installing it. A couple of points to mention to deploy the ships you need to go to full screen mode to use the right touch button (highlighted in orange) to rotate the ships before you can move them using the stylus. Once you have deployed your ships i would then recommend going back to inital screen mode as the image is larger than full screen (although that doesn't make sence).
When the game asks to Go online at the start choose "No" and the game will continue. You can play this .swf game on a PC. You may need to Right click and "Save link As" to download to a PC.

This Flash version is an excellent reproduction of the classic PacMan arcade game. It is a flash game which does not need to be installed just opened using the file manager, so it wont show up in your applications folder. You have to play it in full screen mode to get the controls. You can control the sound level using the Flash Main Options rather than the game controls (Select Mute/UnMute then adjust the volume bar). The Game Play is excellent with full sound and a good speed of play. The original game was designed in 3:4 and the game fits really well into the 5800 screen even with the touchpad controls.


PacMan Touch by Kriker
This game has been created to work on the 5800 with full screen and touch features. They have incorporated the original Namco design/Logo into this game which gives it an authentic feel. The game is controlled using your finger or stylus (better with stylus) which can take a while to master. The speed of movement is faster, than the original game but i am sure that improvement in later versions will be forthcoming. Java games only need to be open to start installation once moved to your phone.


Time Machine 1.3
Time Machine is a really handy application by Sheludkov. He said "I've been searching a descent timer/countdown timer but never found one. So I made this with Flash."
It is a Count Down and Count Up timer making it also useful as a basic Stopwatch. To set a time just use your finger to scroll up or down on the number dials then press either button to start the timer. It has an great design and good settings which allow you to change the alarm tone and duration.

Racing Die
This is a freeware game from J Moeschen. It is a maze game that uses the accelerometer to control the movement of a dice around the maze puzzle. There is a good bounce effect that makes the game more realistic and interesting to play. There are currently 3 levels and a useful guide at the start of each level.

Desk Flicker Clock
Desk Flicker Clock which is no longer available from Pixelsbeatpaper.It is a simple but elegant clock and what is great is that it works in landscape (large detail) and portrait mode and of course stays illuminated while on, this of course will drain your battery over long periods. Nokia removed the Screensaver feature on the 5800 to save battery power, so if you want to activate this clock you have to start it from the Menu or you could put it as a shortcut on HomeScreen Shortcuts bar if you plan to use it a lot.

Nixie v1.10
Nixie Clock v1.10 by Jouni Miettunen from Finland. This is another clock that runs as an application from the Phone's Menu. You need to install Python S60 and install both applications to the Phone memory to run this clock. It is based on the Nixie Clocks first introduced in the 1950's. This second version rotates and stays illuminated while in use. The same .sis file can be installed on an N95 and it has a "Change Colour" which doesn't work on the 5800.

CountDown Timer
Count Down Timer this is another free application from and it is a very useful countdown timer allowing you to set a specific time. The application has the usual stylish and simple design from PBP, they also have 2 more free apps available on their website a BMI Calculator (imperial to metric) and a Split the Bill Calculator (for dividing the cost of dining bills)

Mac Attack Shooter
Mac Attack Shooter is a fun little game where you shoot Mac apples as the fly past.There are two types of apples that move quickly up the screen. There is a time limit and a counter for hits and misses. I found the stylus useful for hitting the apples as fingers are a little too big.

Shuffle Shock
Shuffle Shock is a touch game based on the Classic Pong arcade game. You move your slider by pressing the >>>> buttons to create a tennis style game. You can set the difficulty level which is good as i lost most of the time!

Tic Tac Toe
Tac Toe is a touch version of the Noughts & Crosses which saves you finding a pen and paper to play this very old game.

SameGame is a touch version of the classic arcade game. This application was developed for 5800 by Nigel Morton. There is no sound but it works in full screen with nice graphics.

Handwriting Calculator
The Handwriting Calculator from Nokia Betalabs graduated to it final version and is now available from the OVI store. It now has scientific functions like sin, cos, tan, ln, etc.You use the Stylus or plectrum to write a calculation and then the full answer is shown in standard numbers on a new screen. A really nice touch is that if you write a wrong number you can just scribble over it to erase it. You can also watch a video about the App. noikaHandwriting 

Solitaire is a touch screen version of the classic game for 5800. I downloaded the game from Nokia forum and extracted the .sis file for easier installing.

The is simply a freeware Sudoku game.

Paint Pad v1.0
Paint Pad is a similar application to mobile Paint but with the added features of allowing you to use a backgroung Image of Photo. It also allows you to write/resize text into the picture. There are 64 colours to choose from and an addition Spray can effect. You can save/send images or set as wallpaper. It is a very good first version application that came from Nokia Hong Kong website.

Mobile Paint v1.0
Mobile Paint a cool application that allows you to draw lines, circles, squares etc. There are 16 colours to choose from and you can save the image as a jpeg. This allows you to write (using the stylus) notes/memos in your handwriting rather than writing text with the usual Notes application. I have extracted the .sis file from the Nokia Forum zip folder to make it easier to install.


Best ScreenSnap
Well this is an essential tool if you want to show friends Images from your phone display or if you have a phone website. It is currently the only 5th edition screen capture although i am sure there will be out more soon. It has good settings and is easy to use.