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Digital Comics

The Digital Comics have been around for many years now. They are mostly viewed on a computer in .pdf or .cbr file formats. You can now view Digital Comics with TouchComic application by Jamie Fuller. This freeware application does requires comics in a .cbz format and cannot read .cbr formats so they may need to be converted to .cbz to view them.

TouchComic 1.8

TouchComic by Jamie Fuller is a freeware application allows you to view digital comics page by page in portrait and Landscape mode. It does requires S60 python to run but is already signed . It also allows you to view in "fit to width" or original size which is a great feature allowing you to see small text details where necessary. Some Comics load faster than other mostly due to the size of the image if loading is very slow you may want to think about resizing the images. I found the easiest way to turn the pages was to double tap on far right to go forward, double tap far left to go back and double tap centre for App. Options.

There is a video tutorial for Touch Comic on Jamie's website.
TouchComicVideo .
Download TouchComic v1.8

Screenshots from earlier version TouchComic1.4

Creating and Converting .cbz Comics
If you want to create your own Comic or Digitalize some old books or magazines it is quite easy. A .cbz Comic is basically a zipped folder with numbered .jpeg images. A .cbr Comic is a Rar folder with numbered .jpeg images. It is therefore easy to convert or create .cbz files . Most .cbr comics generally created for viewing on PC's and have larger .jpeg images than .cbz.

Creating your own .cbz Comic

You can create your Comic using your own artwork or scan in an old magazine.
1. Make sure you have UNTICKED the Folder Option "Hide extensions of known file types" from the Tools>Folder Options...>View on your PC.

2. Create a folder with all the jpeg images and number each one "page-01" onwards.

3. Then reduce the image size to 1280px width (twice size landscape width) if you make it smaller it will load each page faster but some small text may be hard to see. Also you might want to crop or adjust the colours.

4. Zip the folder, then rename the .zip extension to .cbz.

Converting .cbr Comic to .cbz comic for 5800

1. Make sure you have UNTICKED the Folder Option "Hide extensions of known file types" from the Tools>Folder Options...>View on your PC.
2. Change the .cbr extension on a Comic to .rar then Unrar (do not unzip) the .cbr to a new folder.

3. Resize the images (for faster loading) to around 1280px width max. with photoshop or similar application and check and rename .jpegs 01-24 etc. if necessary.

4. Compress the new folder using Zip

5. Change the .zip extension to .cbz
6. Move the Digital Comic to the "comics" folder on your memory card via USB cable.

Website to get Comics for free 
Many websites and blogs have been created out of people interest in Comics. Here is a list of websites that can help you get more comics for free on the internet. Some good site to try are:







Marvel Comics

You can buy Digital Marvel Comics directly from their website with a monthly or annual subscription. MarvelDigitalComics

Free Online Marvel Comics
You can view a selection of Marvel comics online at: MarvelFreeOnline


Movie Sound Clips

I created some sound clips on my N95 website some time ago an i have now copied them over so you can download them from here. These are some of my personal favourite Movie sound clips.
Click to images to download or right click and "Save Link as..."

Alarm Tones
I have been searching the internet for some unusual Alarm sounds to replace my default alarm tone.
It is very easy to change your Alarm tone on your 5800. Simply open the Clock menu by pressing the time on the idle screen. Then select Options> Settings> Clock alarm tone and choose a new tone from the list.

Naval Ships and Submarine Alarm sounds
The are lots of different authentic naval alarms at that you can download from NavalSounds. Just click on a sound to listen or right click and "Save Link as ..." to download on a PC.
Here are a couple from Naval Sounds to try:



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