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Nokia 5800 Best Tips & Tricks

I have started this Blog 5800 Best Tips and Tricks back in 2008 as a development from my N95 Best Tips & Tricks website. The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music was launched In Russia, Hong Kong, India and Spain in late 2008 and UK and U.S models came out in early 2009.The 5800 was the first Nokia touch phone and the first with S60 5th Edition Operating System. Since then Nokia have now released more phones including the N97, N8 and Nokia Lumia. I have decided to keep this blog and update it periodically even though many people will have newer phones by now.

2013 October Update
Missing files replaced
I have finished updating the broken links to old fileden files. I have now hosted files using box.

Update info on Opera Browser
Links adjusted on all pages
Additional Info on Nokia Suite & Apps

Nokia Store
Nokia launched the OVI Store back in 2009, It is now renamed as the Nokia Store. It is Nokia's version of Apple's Apps Store. You can download lots of Free & Paid applications.
It is the best place to get the latest version of Apps.


Nokia Suite

In 2011 Nokia launched the Nokia Suite which replaced Ovi Suite which replaces the Nokia PC Suite. This new Nokia Suite can install applications, music and transfer data for different Nokia Phones, just about everything you need for your phone. It also can update your software. The Nokia Suite will also Update your Nokia Ovi Maps and automatically removes old map data.

Desktop Icons
I have created some PC Desktop Icons for 5800 & N97

Right click on either image and "Save Lick As . . . " to download

5800 XpressMusic Top Tips

1. Firmware Updates

There has been no update since June 2011 but if you haven't updated your firmware this is the most important Tip i can give you. The 5800 was the first Nokia phone with S60 5th Edition Touch software and Nokia have anticipated the need for Firmware updates with this new Software.  Below is a list of the Firmware releases:

Firmware Versions (Dates are general guides)
v.60.0.003 (29-06-2011)
v.52.0.007 (25-11-2010)
v.51.0.006 (09-07-2010)
v.50.0.005 (23-03-2010)
v.40.0.005 (29-12-2009)
v.31.0.008 (14-09-2009)
v.30.0.011 (28-07-2009)
v.21.0.025 (29-04-2009)
v.20.0.012 (26-01-2009)
v.11.0.009 (14-01-2009)
v.11.0.008 (09-12-2008)
v.10.0.010 (01-10-2008)
They have added the facility to update directly to your phone with FOTA (Firmware over the air) using WLAN or GPRS.They have also improved the updating process by Retaining most Phone Memory Data rather than completely wiping the Phone memory with earlier phone models. Some people have noticed Contacts being kept but losing applications, but on v.20 update i lost no contacts or Applications, although i still would BACK UP data via the Nokia PC Suite encase of any future changes or loss of phone.

The latest version v.60 has added a new Web browser and Big clock feature while v.52 was a minor update adding some performance improvements. The update v.50 added Music library Thumbnails as well as performance improvements, firmware v.40 which has added Kinetic Scrolling and Contacts Home Screen, v.30 had improvements in performance while firmware v.21 had a reported 225 improvements and bug fixes. The firmware update is available via Nokia Software Updater and FOTA for most Generic codes. If you cannot upgrade to version 60 then you may want to "Debrand" your 5800, details in section 2.

Nokia Maps 3.1 available with Firmware v.31 (left:Maps3.0 center & right:Maps3.1)

Enlarged AlbumArt on Firmware v.21

Keypad update on firmware v.20
If you haven't updated your firmware before here are a few important points to note:
1. I recommend Backing up your Personal Data via Nokia PC Suite or By copying them to the Memory card as a precaution although with the 5800 you should not need to do to the new update system.
2. Updating firmware is completely Legal in fact Nokia encourage Updating Firmware, Debranding (see later section) on the other hand will invalidate your warranty.
3. Firmware Update availability is dependent on the Operator Product code. Changing the product code to the Default Nokia codes (Debranding) will allow for very latest firmware updates otherwise it may take some time even months before you can upgrade to the latest firmware.
4. Keep a Copy of Application installers as Some applications installed on the Memory Card may no longer work and will need to be re-installed, it depends on what Application data was stored on the phone memory.

Updating Your Firmware Guide
There is 2 ways to update your Firmware on the 5800:

1. Nokia Suite
The Nokia Suite is the latest Nokia application that allows you to Update firmware on your phone. You connect the phone to your PC via the USB cable and the Suite will show you which updates are available for your Phone.

2. FOTA (Firmware Over The Air)
This a new way to get Firmware Updates where you can download Updates Directly to your 5800 via Internet connection (preferably WLAN). It is generally a faster way to Update and saves the need for a PC or USB cables.

To start FOTA
1. Type *#0000# on your key pad or Select Device Manager from phone menu or another way is to hold down Green Call key to start Voice Activation and speak Device manager (English version)
2. Select Options then Check for Updates and connect to internet
3. Update process first check if updates are available then start update process.
4. If you are not able to get the latest updates it is because you have a Operator Product code rather than a default Nokia product code, to change this you will need to Debrand your phone details in Section 2.

For More Details on FOTA NokiaFOTA

2. Debranding

Debranding is a term used when the Operator Firmware is replaced with the Manufacturers Firmware. This requires the Product Code to be replaced with a default Nokia code. This allows for the very latest firmware updates to be installed in your phone.

The Nokia 5800 updates are not quite so severe and it does not completely wipe all the phone memory which allows you to retain your contacts and some applications (dependant on product code)

Debranding does invalidate your warranty! Even though you could easily change back your code, a repair centre could refuse to carry out repairs if they notice the changes.

5800 Product codes
The product code for a 5800 can be found under the battery and is a 7 digit number starting with 05XXXXX. Different product codes contain different language packs, 0558982 is the code for Euro1 RED phone and contains English, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish languages.
Use the Nokia product code for your region unless you want different or additional languages. Here is the list from NokiaUsers

Getting Started
Tools: PC with XP or Vista OS, Software, Phone USB cable and 5800. I have changed my Product code with this system using Windows Vista. The Best way i have found is to use the OGM Suite with a JAF PKEY emulator. The good news is you only need to change it once.The Nemesis Suite commonly used to Debrand the N95 does not work on the 5800 at present. Some people have used the Phionex phone Suite to change the code but have had problems with the codes it uses.

Debrand Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
1. Download the 5800 Debranding Apps Zip folder i have provided.
It contains 2 applications and important release notes regarding Anti virus and Firewall settings. The PKEY folder is password encrypted password = sjc77

2. Install JAFSetup_1.98.62.exe
3. Connect your 5800 to PC via USB cable and select USB mode: PC Suite. DO NOT open Nokia PC Suite.
4. Make sure your Firewall is active on your PC. Read the release notes about anti virus i provided in the Zip.
5. Unzip and Run the JAF PKEY v5.0.exe from the desktop and click GO. When the error dialog box appears Driver not installed click OK to run the application. Shown below:

6. If you Firewall alerts you select Keep Blocking.
7. Select the Tab BB5, then tick Prod. Manager, then Click the SERVICE button on the right. Shown below:

8. Now a new dialog box will appear and with the current product code should appear (if it doesn't click read values)
9. Enter the Product Code you want to use and click the Write Values button. Shown below:

10. Thats it! Now you should have a new product code and you can update your phone with the latest firmware using FOTA or the NSU mentioned in Tip 1.

I would also unistall/delete the 2 aplications as the J.A.F will show as a Trojan if you are using AVG Anti-Virus.

Thanks to nottinghamjazz Blog for initial info.

3. Nokia Suite 3.7.22
 In Feb 2013 the latest Nokia Suite version is 3.7.22. It it a really useful App  to backup, edit, Instal apps, save space by deleting old data, Check for Firmware versions. It is a One stop shop for all your 5800 needs.
There are occasional updates to Nokia Apps like Here& Now and  Internet radio.

4. Nokia Maps & Free navigation for life!
Nokia announced back in 2010 that they are giving "Free Navigation for life" on New Smartphones. This includes the 5800 which therefore means you can use your phone as a SatNav for life or as long as you own the phone. The Map data for each country has been free from the start but the voice navigation was not free. To get he latest maps you can use the Nokia Suite and select which countries you want which will then be stored in the phone. The satellite view (with trees and buildings) does require an mobile data or WiFi which may not be free. The latest version of Nokia Maps is v3.06 has a home screen feature with various options. The Map Mode allows for a 3D effect in Map and terrain mode while the Satellite view show google earth style buildings and landscapes.

5. Freeware

I have created a separate Freeware Page HERE. Below are a few examples of freeware applications.

6. Video Converting for the 5800

The Nokia 5800 can play video formats: MPEG-4 (MP4), H.264/AVC, RealVideo 7,8,9/10, WMV 9, 3GPP formats (H.263), and Flash Video (including .swf and .flv)
MP4 is a common video type frequently used on the internet. It is also the most reliable format for Converting videos for the 5800.
The 5800 can play .WMV9 files but i have found playback problems with every .WMV i have tried. They can also play MP4 with H.263/AVC video codec but i have found that some play and other will not. It can however play.FLV files via the Flash player which are commonly used on Youtube. The Divx mobile player used on N95 can play .AVI video files but it is not currently compatible with the 5800, but hopefully soon the will release a S60 5th edition version.

Aspect Ratio
The 5800 has 16:9 aspect ratio screen it can play other sizes like 4:3. When converting files i would always keep the original aspect ratio to avoid stretched details. The 5800 phones built-in video player has 3 Aspect ratio settings Original, Stretch and Zoom. The 5800 screen resolution is 640x360 so there is little point having larger video Scale sizes like 768x576.

Main Screen Scale Sizes for 5800 are: (Video Preview Compatible)
640x360 Widescreen 16:9
480x272 Widescreen 16:9
640x480 4:3
480x360 4:3
320x240 4:3

Gallery Video Previews
The 5800 shows a Preview Image for video files which makes it easier to find the video you want to play. If the Preview image does not show up and instead you see a broken video symbol, then this is because the Video files Aspect ratio is not exactly correct. You should be able to play the video without any problem even if you cannot see the preview, i.e 480x272 will show previews while 480x270 will usually not show previews. I would use the Video Scale Sizes listed in the section above for converting videos.

Converting Videos for the 5800
My favourite freeware application for converting Video is SUPER by eright. The good thing about this application (apart from being free) are the settings. They allow you to manually set bitrates and exact Aspect ratios. I recommend converting videos into MP4 formats as other types like .WMV9 have problems in playback.
The Screenshot below shows the correct settings for converting mp4 videos for 5800. Make sure to set the Output Video codec to MPEG-4 and Output Audio Codec to AAC LC.
The variables to remember are: Video Scale Size, Click the "More" box twice to set your own sizes (depending on the original source) Video Bitrate Kbps, which depends on the original quality and your own preference/file size.

7. Remove Deleted Artists from Music Library Fix.
Nokia 5800 and 5530 fix for "File corrupted operation cancelled" error on Music Player.
You may have noticed with early 5800's (firmware v.10 & v.11) there was a problem with the Music Artist lists. I found that around 8 songs came preloaded on my memory card like Che DuBois, Joe Bagale etc. I deleted these Artists but they were still showing after a Library refresh and when you tried to delete the entries an error message would come up saying corrupt file. The refresh problem now seems to have been fixed with v.20 but old artist entries will still show up and need to be manually removed.

I found that this manual clean up fixed the Refresh problem and now deleted artists no longer appear in the Artists list.

Problems Associated with this Fix. You will loose Playlists References not the Music tracks.

Manually remove deleted artists from Music Library
1. Connect your 5800 to you PC in Mass Storage Mode
2. On your PC you will need to have allowed to "Show" hidden files, do this from Explorer/Tools/ Folder Options/ View and select "Show hidden files and Folder"
3. Open your SD memory card/Removable Disk in My Computer on PC
4. Go to E:\ Private there you will see 3 folders 101f8857, 101ffca9 and 10281e17 . Shown below left.

5. Go to Private\101f8857\Cache\E there you will see .dat files. Delete all the .dat file BUT NOT the E Folder. Shown above right
6. Now go to Private\101ffca9 there you will see another .dat file, Delete the dat file NOT the folder. Shown below Left.

7. Finally go to Private\10281e17 There you should see 4 files 2 are Mp3 files other are Podcast files. Delete mpxv2_2.db & mpxv2_2.db-journal for Mp3 files list and Delete pcv6_1.db & pcv6_1.db-journal for Podcast files list. Shown above right
8. Close all windows and disconnect your Phone. Go to Music Library and it should automatically start a refresh.

8. Changing Your 5800 Font

It is fairly easy to change your font on Nokia 5800. You do not need any external applications but you do need to create a Font Folder with the Files inside.

You can use any Open Type Font (.OTF) from your PC usually found in C: Windows\Fonts. True Type fonts (.TTF) do not work correctly and should be avoided they can cause errors. You can simply copy a font from your PC usually located in C:\Windows\Fonts just make sure it is an .oft type. If you use fonts from your PC i would avoid thick or large fonts.

Below are some examples is different fonts i have created. Click image to enlarge.
Click on the Name to download Left2Right Harlow Solid Italic, Eurostile, Pristina, Calibri , Bauhaus93.

Creating your Font folder
1. Create a folder called "Fonts"
2. Place 4 copies of the same Font in the folder.
3. Rename the fonts: s60snr.ttf, s60ssb.ttf, s60tsb.ttf and S60ZDIGI.ttf
4. Now the folder is ready to move to the Phone.

Transferring New font to 5800 phone
1. Connect the phone in "Mass Storage" mode to your PC.
2. In "My Computer" go to Removable Disk or Memory Card.
3. Navigate and open the "Resource" folder (create one if it does not exist).
4. Copy the "Fonts" Folder into the Resource folder.
5. Close open windows and Disconnect the Phone from PC.
6. Restart your Phone and you should see the new fonts.

To Reset Original 5800 Font
1. To Reset your Phone to the Original Default font simply Delete the Font folder that you created in E:\ Resourse\Fonts and Restart your Phone.

9. YouTube on your 5800

Update 2013: Nokia no longer support the Youtube 2.4.4 for 5800 at the Nokia store but you can still download it from the link below
Google have created a 5800 Application for Youtube, But what is the difference between using the standard WEB browser and this New Application? I have created a simple guide to compare the two.
Google Youtube App. YouTubev2.4.4.

Youtube App fro 5800
This application gives you easy access to Browse videos and view favourites. It has a finger swipe action in landscape mode when browsing video thumbnails. When playing videos there are onscreen display buttons that allow you to fast foward etc. 


YouTube from your WEB browser
When you type into your web browser you will be directed to the Mobile version of the YouTube website. You can view the pages in both Portrait and Landscape mode. There are 2 types of video player available a Standard Video Player and Flash Video (beta) both of which work on the 5800. Once you have searched for a video, if you click on the video image it will play the video in previous setting style, But if you click on the title ie. The Beatles -- Help! it will open a window that will allow you to switch video type by clicking "Switch to Flash Video (beta)" or Standard Player. The Standard player (shown in the lower image) plays in full screen with the ability to change to aspect ratio video the 5800 player controls. The Flash Video (top image below)however does retain the progress/play bar at all times but the picture & sound quality is greatly improved over the Standard player.

The Google Application is a really quick way to access Youtube and the video playback and search feature work well but for me the improved image & sound quality available from the Flash Video(beta) via the WEB browser makes this easily the best choice for viewing Youtube on your 5800.

10. 5800 Best Tips & Tricks Visual bookmark

UPDATE 2010: I launched a mobile version of this website back in May 2009. I used which was originally a free service, it is no longer a free service although my account is still valid. This has lead to very slow bandwidth allowance and the pages no longer load properly. I am looking into a new Mobile version.

You can still download the Visual Bookmark from . but the page load is TOO slow to use.
I will remove the GetJar Bookmark soon and hopefully have a new improved mobile version soon. 
If you want to create V.Bookmark for your website, you can learn how to do it from WapReview
Please note that if you view the mobile version on a PC it will not show a simulated webpage/mobile device rather than actual website that you will see on your 5800.

10. Opera 12 Web browser 

Opera 12 is a web browser for Symbian devices. It has a stylish visual bookmark for your 6 favourite websites. Opera offers tab browsing, fast page loading with Opera Turbo features compressing webpages by up to 70% for faster browsing. you can also sync you mobile browser with your PC. You can also share web content from Opera Mobile on social networks. For more details and download visit Nokia store Opera



Anonymous said...

Is it necessary to debrand the phone first? I followed your instructions but the artists still appear.

sjc said...

Re Anon: You are referring to remove old artists fix.
No you shouldn't need to debrand, but Are the artists on the SD memory card? if they are on the phone memory then it wont work!
First deleted the songs, carry out the fix, you should notice the music library refreshing automatically when you go to library. That's important as it shows the phone understands the library data is missing.
What firmware version do you have? i have v.20 any earlier may still have the initial cause effecting the library.
I hope this helps :)

Anonymous said...

Problem solved for me... Very good guide, Million Thanks! :D


louie said...

helo po tnong kulang po kng bkt my lumalabas na cannot create file after na i-run ko ung jaf emulator,,,ang o's n gmit ko po ay vista,,,,,help me nmn po......

sjc said...

Re Louie: Vista Problem, If you have Vista 64bit you may have a problem with JAF.
But otherwise it does work on Vista 32bit, I would follow the instructions again, and give it another try :)
Louie i'm sorry but can't translate your message fully, sorry for the incomplete answer.

sjc said...

Re Louie: Kailangan mong Patakbuhin ang parehong mga aplikasyon mula sa parehong lokasyon Tulad ng Desktop.
Huwag ilipat ito sa isa pang folder.
Good Luck sjc

louie said...

eh gnun p rn ho,,,ininstal ko n po ung jaf sa desktop,,eh gnun p rn po...tnx

sjc said...

Re Louie:
1. Downloaded ang Zip polder at katas noon galawin ang JAFSetup_1.98.62.exe sa ang eskritoryo
2. tumakbo ang JAF.exe Louie ako gumawa hindi maintindihan Tagalog , pagayon ito ay matigas dahil sa ako sa maintindihan mo mag-ukol ng puna , mabuti kapalaran

louie said...

2. tumakbo ang JAF.exe Louie ako gumawa hindi maintindihan Tagalog , pagayon ito ay matigas dahil sa ako sa maintindihan mo mag-ukol ng puna , mabuti kapalaran.....Ano PO hndi ko po kau maintindihan this part,,,ano pong sunod n ggwn ko after ni2...

sjc said...

Re Louie: If you have Vista and cannot get V.5 to work try Jaf v4
Lets hope that sorts it!! :)

Jardelinos said...

hello...first i wanna` thank u for the great job u do...THANKS:) i have a `change font` related it posible to change the size of the font? without using the phone settings...ex: i have you`re pristina font and i like it very much...butt it is too small...thank you again. best regards

sjc said...

Re Jardelinos: The only way i know to change the font size is in the Phone Settings as you mentioned.
I agree it is a little small, you may find a similar font with slightly larger appearance in your PC.
All the best sjc

louie said...

SJC...why jaf exe doesn't work,,the pkey emuloator said it jaf exe cannot find,,,but i follow you to try download it in megaupload....pls help me please

Sardar/Priceless said...

i am Amol from India....

first of all thanks for such a nice blog on nokia 5800...

Well i dont know what is the issue, but for my nokia 5800 it is saying there are no firmware updates. i followed ur procedure for on the air update and after saving all the setting, it said there are no updates. and even on nokia europe site i checked for firmware update by entering my product code and still it says no firmware updates. please help me.

sjc said...

Re Amol: You cannot get any updates because you most likely already have the latest version for your particular Model. To get the very latest version you will have to "Debrand" your phone, more details in Section2 on the main page.
All the best sjc

hawk said...

tnx SJ for ur prompt reply..

but i gor my nokia updated to latest version.

firstly i entered the wrong code for checking the update availability.
then after entering the right code i came to know that updates are available for my phone.

but i got it updated using nokia updater software and not with OTA. i dont know y it was saying that there are no updates when i checked the updates using OTA.

Corrado said...

Hi, very good and useful blog. I need some help. I recently bought a Nokia 5800 XM. I'm trying to learn to make my own themes with carbide. The very first problem I got is that I cannot find a base project for 5800 model, the idle screen for base S60 5th is basically different from the idle screen of the 5800. Can you, please, give me some help to figure that out?
Thanks So much

sjc said...

Re Corrado: You are correct the base theme in carbide is not the same a the default 5800 theme. It has different backgrounds and battery/signal icons etc.
If you want to change these elements you can double click on an element you can change the colour or use external editor like photoshop to add new images etc. I use inkscape for editing .svg but its not easy.
I would have a look at other peoples themes from websites and you can will notice some carbide default elements. Some theme designers have spent a lot of time editing the themes and i really admire their dedication.
Let me know if you need more help

Corrado said...

Hi sjc, thanks so much for spending time to answer my post. I've been looking for a base theme project suitable for 5800, but so far no luck. I'm learning to use Inkscape too, it's not easy, but I have some 3D graphics experience, so it's not that hard after all. The main problem I'm trying to solve about idle screen is related to the buttons in the lower middle portion of the screen. They don't even appear in the base s60 5th layout. How can I edit those?
Thank you so much

sjc said...

Re Corrado: Those 3 buttons don't show up on the phone exactly as Carbide shows.
As you know there are only 2 buttons on the 5800. You can edit the colours by single clicking (and wait a few seconds)on the dialler part or the outer area to bring up the elements.
I made a quick theme to test it and they will appear with just the 2 icons even though carbide shows all 3.
All the best

Corrado said...

Hi, thanks for your hint.
I also found out another way to achieve the same task. Check the Resource tab and then Areas-->Main Area-->New Toolbar. You'll get, in the components tab, three state button(normal, pressed. inactive)which does not appear anywhere in the idle screen. Anyway if you modify it you'll manage to change the appearance of the two buttons in the 5800 idle screen. I already gave it a try and I can confirm it works.

vibhor said...

nokia pc suite is not working in vista whats the solution??????

sjc said...

Re Vibhor PC suite: I have just tested the PC Suite on my Vista Laptop and it seems to be working ok. What version do you have? i have v. if you have an older version i would update it via Nokia website.
You could try right clicking on the PC Suite application icon, select Properties and then Compatibility Tab then tick the box "Run this program . . ." select XP service pack2.
I hope this helps :)

vibhor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vibhor said...

hi i installed nokia ovi suite on another laptop on windows xp worked like a charm . i think there is a problem in windows vista i am still unable to connect in windows vista and also not able to update the latest version of firmware i.e v21.0.012 now i have 20th version

Anonymous said...

what application can i download to hide files,videos..and etc...???

tnx in advance......

sjc said...

Re anon Hide files: I haven't seen any freeware "hide Files/Folder" apps for the 5800 but when i do i will be sure to post it. All the best sjc

gellumo said...

i have a problem with the 5800 Debranding Apps one file contains acording to my mcafee virus scan a trojan horse.

i tried to deactivated my virus scanner but its inpossible (we bild in a verry good securty)

is there no other way to debrand my phone

gellumo said...

i just want to let you know that the Debranding Apps woks fine i have to change some things in my virus software

i want to thank you for putting this info online so now i can enjoy my phone in my own language

LT said...

Great site
with the 5800 can I increase the existing font size?

I need the font a little larger to see what I'm doing.

Also can we duplicate the shortcuts on the homescreen so it shows 2 lines of shortcuts


sjc said...

Re LT : Yes you can increase the Font size (default normal)Go to Menu/Settings/Phone/Display/Font Size and select Large.
As for 2 lines on the home screen its not possible to have 2 lines with the basic phone set up.
All the best sjc

Anonymous said...

hey i have found some cool nokia 5800 tips and tricks here....................


stix said...

What you reckon to the myphone app?

sjc said...

Re Stix Myphone app: Personally i really like the iPhone. I really like the iPhone for its design, and size and quality of materials but mostly for its Icons! but the 5800 is a nokia phone and for me its like putting a Ferrari badge on a Lamborghini, which one is better is personal choice.
I would use a iPhone theme over the Myphone application as it is simpler and cheaper and will a most likely use less power.

Anonymous said...

Have you updated to firmware 30.0.011.C02.01 yet? I haven't but i'm sure it'll be available to me in the next day or so.

sjc said...

Re v.30 Update: Yeah i have updated my 5800 to v.30 firmware using the Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) system rather than the NSU.

Jardelinos said...

hello,thx again for the great app and hints...i have a question about the display problem on the 5800: Do you know if the problem is a hardware or software problem? In all the forums everybody thinks it`s a hardware problem with the display and need to change it ... but i wonder if a softare reset will fix the bug(i`m talking about the lines that apear when unlock)...thx again.

sjc said...

Re Jardelinos screen issue: This may well be a Hardware issue but before you take it to Nokia repair center you could update your firmware (*#0000#), then Hard reset your phone Hard Reset (*#7370#) The phone will ask you a confirmation and enter a security code (12345 by default): This reformats completely the C: drive. All applications and files stored on this drive will be lost and clean default files will be rewritten.
This would remove any potential traces left but previous firmware that may cause a screen fault.
I suspect its a hardware issue too but if you want to try the software that's what i would do.
Hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanna say, what a great website, lots of good stuff.

damien said...

hello sjc. love your work from the n95 days:) anyways, i've followed your guide to debrand-only i use this with the n97. everything runs smooth but the device shows no sign that the prod. code has been changed, even though it has been. any ideas what the problem could be? thank you for you tiempo. adeus.

sjc said...

Re N97 Product code: The device status doesn't show the product code. The only way i know to check your new code is to run the JAF emulator used to debrand the 5800. The "Production data edit" dialog box should show your current P.code if you click "Read values". There is a N97 debrand tutorial at N97FANATICS
Hope that helps :)

damien thorn said...

gracias. I will try this. Keep up the good work.

drategoni_zero said...

Hi. I've just discovered your website, and I have to say it's epic. It's good to see a site that lets you download without signing up.
I have a question regarding the v31 update for 5800. Ever since I updated, I haven't been able to set my phone to UMTS network. It still uses 3G, but only in dual mode and it hardly maintains it. I've done a factory reset, a hard reset, even formatted my sd card. Nothing works. Do you know what could be done to sort it out?
Thanks in advance.

sjc said...

Re dragegoni_zero:I have just checked my connectivity settings and i still have UMTS,GSM and Dual mode as options.
There was a recent minor firmware update v.31.0.101 it is worth updating to that if you haven't already.
Sorry i can't help more.

Ramki said...

Nice Blog. I have started a new one here

Anonymous said...

Remove old artists fix - complete solution to problem "File corruption. Operation cancelled" on Nokia 5530. (Where old album titles could not be removed.)

Brilliant. Thanks so much.

Can you make this more widely known? - Google "File corrupted operation cancelled" to see extent of issue.

BenWade said...

I applied "refreshing music library". I did all the things you said. But my phone stuck on "searching for music and podcasts" thingy when I opened the music player.
Thanks for help

orkun said...

Yet another thanks for the issue of deleting default music files, from my side.

Thank you so much, I managed it!!

sjc said...

Re BenWade: Refresh Library problem. I would simply restarted the phone then open the library and select "Refresh library" again or take the memory card out again.
You may have done this already
All the best

jlwx-gal said...

Hey, I've done the "Remove Deleted Artists from Music Library Fix". It work for me, thanks. But does it mean that everytime I have to do this or this is once and for all?

Anonymous said...

How do u get an aerial view on the nokia maps.

sjc said...

Re Anon Aerial view: You can get a "Satellite" view or a "3D style" view from the Map Options. The Satellite view will require a internet connection.
I hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Thanx for reply on your website under the heading Nokia Launch Free Sat Nav For Life! it shows a reel images instead of the computer images that come up on my nokia i got the latest maps full gps signal and internet connection but still no reel images. Any ideas! thanx

sjc said...

Re Anon Maps: The image i used showing "Nonsuch Park" was the Satellite view which requires a Internet connection to load the images.
If you cant see the satellite view i would check if you have allowed internet connection on Maps StartUp.
As this is likely to stop the loading of the images.
Let hope that sorts it :)

jlwx-gal said...

Is there any way to download korean language in the phone cause I can't read korean word in the phone.

sjc said...

Re Korean Language: I don't know if Korean is supported. If you change your 5800 product code (debranding)to a Japanese/ Chinese code etc. you may have the option of a Korean Language but its only a guess, as I'm not able to test it. You could contact nokia to find out more info on Language packs.
I hope this helps

Anonymous said...

That worked thanx, i was zoomed in to much aswell.

Andrés Uzcátegui said...

hello, first congrats for the post, i bought recently a 5800 xm, i live in venezuela and movistar, the company wich i bought the phone from, doesn´t have the latest firmware available to download, so, i stumbled upon your blog, and read the debranding steps, i'm willing to do it, but i'm a little scared, what happens if the debranding process goes wrong? will i be able to fix the phone in case it gets blank screen or something similar? will the phone be damaged? thank you very much! great blog!

orkun said...

Hi sjc,

I've installed firmware v50, but could not see album thumbnails. I tried "Refresh Library", but it did not help. Is there something additional I should do?

sjc said...

Re Andrés: Debranding you phone could cause problems. I wrote on the blog
Debranding does invalidate your warranty! Even though you could easily change back your code, a repair centre could refuse to carry out repairs if they notice the changes.

Personally i have never had any problems, even updating your firmware via nokia can cause problems especially if you phone disconnects during the process.
I understand your concern, you could of course wait until the firmware becomes available to all product codes. The choice is yours
all the best.

sjc said...

Re Orkun:
Well if you have v.50 the small thumbnails should show up when you go into Artist, Albums, Playlists etc.
One thing is that you do need to embed your MP3 tracks with AlbumArt. If you are seeing just a default music note icon then you have no album art or the artwork is unable to be read (needs to be a jpeg not png on previous Nokia phones). You can add artwork from within the phone via the Option>AlbumArt>Change.
I hope this helps

abhishek dhawan said...

Hi SJC...gr8 work...Actually i am having problem with my music in nokia 5800..I have around 2gb songs in my memory card music folder...but no songs are displayed in my phone in music..I can access these songs via file manager...Can u help how i can list the songs in MUSIC...moreover i do not see any private folder in memory card...

orkun said...

Thx sjc. I think I shd find a way to load the album arts.

Did you do "refresh library" after you load the titles?

Anonymous said...

how can i convert my software from v.50 to v.30?

sjc said...

Re Reinstalling v30 firmware: If you have Updated your Firmware via OVI Suite you can "Reinstall" it via 'Tools/Software Updates' but that will not get you back to a previous firmware version.
If you need to go back to a Old Firmware version, I would recommend taking it to your nearest Nokia repair centre its possible they can do it, its worth asking.
All the best

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting wonderful tricks and tips. do you know how to change language other than english in Nokia 5800.

Nokia 5800 Applications

sjc said...

Re Change Language: You can select around 6 different languages on the (Euro code) 5800.
Go to Settings/Phone/Language/PhoneLanguage then select the one you want. Then restart your phone.
All the best

Anonymous said...

..sir tnung q lng po..bkit po pag nag uupdate aq trough pc lgi nlang nag didisconnect?i have v21 and i like to update it in v50..available n po kxe ung v50 update ng cp q khit d pnplitan ng product code..i try hard reset pero gnun pdn nag didisconnect..ska d nmn cra ung connector q..ayaw q dn pumunta ng nokia care kxe malayo..plz help po..

sjc said...

Re Anon V.50 firmware: To update your firmware to the very latest version you need to Debrand your 5800. Details on how to do this are in Section 2 on the main page
All the best

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, can anyone tell me if there is an app to automatically turn off the 5800 at a certain a night and turn on again in the morning at a certain time. Have always thought this would be a smart function to have on a mobile phone but no one seems to have thought.

sjc said...

Re App. Not that i know of, but if anyone knows of one, feel free to list it below.

Meraj said...


How much does your blog charge for the following:
- Sponsored article
- Paid link
- Banner ad

Kindly reply to me when possible.

Have a nice weekend!

sjc said...

Re Meraj Ads: If you would to know details about Advertising on this website please email me at
All the best

sowvick said...

First of thnx a ton for this blog as its really wonderful ws able to delete the icons of deleted tracks.c
Recently uninstalled sme applications downloaded frm ovi n after dat download accelerator is nt wrkn. Tried to download it n reinstall bt still of no use. N wen i got it frm a website cnt install it as it is .rar file which is nt supported on 5800
Plz help

sowvick said...

First of all thanx for this wonderful site. U helping a lot. My prob is dat recently i hav deleted sme applications dwnloaded frm ovi. After dat my download accelerator has stopped working. N wen i trued to reinstall fresh one frm ovi it says installatin failed.
I hv dwnloaded it bt it is .rar file which 5800 doesnt support.
Plz help
Also if any other application like this is available for 5800 then upload it here

sjc said...

Re sowvick: There is a freeware application for 5800 so you can open .Rar files. I have a copy HERE
I hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

i need help... i updated my 5800 xm with nokia software updater,it take some time to finish,and after all is complete my phone turned off,and when i tryed to start it on he just went vibrating and my screen did not turn on,it is black!its vibrating for a 2 or 3 minutes and then it stops,or it stops until y put out the battery... could you help me,or i should take my phone to service??????

sjc said...

Re Anon Firmware crash: It sounds like the firmware didn't install properly. I use the OVI suite to update my firmware and there is a feature to "Reinstall" firmware.
You can try a 5800 reset:Press simultaneously the 4 button:
* Green button
* Red button
* Camera button
* On/off button
I have not tried this myself, but it should work, like you mentioned Take it to a repair centre if none of the above works.

Anonymous said...

looks like you use your 5800 in the US on t-mobile like me --my problem is that my mms pictures are resized when i get them to icon size. also phone does not see the 5.0 firmw. update posted on net. any ideas?

sjc said...

Re Anon Small MMS pictures: The small MMS picture is a known problem with US T-Mobile network, many people have reported the problem.
There is a fix posted by NocNoc1 on daily mobile. I have not tested it, (but my images are full size)you will need to get 2 of the files signed. I've hosted the files and instructions HERE
Let me know if you can get it to work.
Actually i live in England:)
All the best

Anonymous said...

thank u for the great job u do by sharing so many useful information about 5800.... one of the best and most useful blogs i have ever come across. :-)

sowvick said...

hey thanx
It was all i required
Thanx a lot n keep up the guf work

Anonymous said...

i have nokia 5800, which i got in april of this year. my phone is not giveing notice for new message.
not even showing how many new message in my inbox. every time i have to look for new message in my inbox....

sjc said...

Re Anon message problem: You have the latest firmware, you could try a reinstall hopefully that might fix it. This kind of thing does happen. I don't have a fix for this, i can only suggest some spring cleaning on the message box, check for any other applications that might be effecting it and if none of that works, you could try a hard reset. details on the main page
All the best

mashhood said...

Everyhting at one place...great workk...

Dilu said...

hey using 5800 and the problem is my front cam is not working after 52 can b recorded but result will be an audio file...pls help me to fix email is

ÐïÏü said...

hey dude...m using 5800 n my front cam stopped working after 52v update.....pls help me to fix dis....

sjc said...

re ÐïÏü Front Camera not working: Well i would try the "reinstall feature" in the OVI Suite software update.
You could also try a "Soft reset" (*#7780#) : Restores ini files from rom but preserves user data (photos, 3rd party apps etc).The phone will ask you a confirmation, enter a security code (12345 by default)
Or a Hard Reset (*#7370#) : This reformats completely the C: drive. All applications and files stored on this drive will be lost and clean default files will be rewritten. The phone will ask you a confirmation and enter a security code (12345 by default)
But clearly the issue is in the firmware update.
I hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Nice blog and very helpful tips. I have a question though. Are you in the US? I saw you have T-Mobile and 3G. I can't get 3G service cause the frequency here is difference. Is there a way to change the 3G frequency for the phone so I can get 3G here in the US?


ChrisP said...

The link to the Nokia Phone codes used for debranding

sadly gives this message
You don't have permission to access /files/2007/8/2/1315256/5800 product codes.txt on this server.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I went to the website and tried to find 'download advance settings' and wasn't able to do so.. Can't find it anywhere... Please help!! thanks

sjc said...

Re Anon advanced settings: I'm sorry but i don't understand what exactly you are referring to on the website? Please give more details.

iceman23 said...

you are AWESOME!!! I managed to upgrade my firmware after months of searching and seaching!!!



sarah said...

i absolutly love my fone, ive had the same 1 before, but this one i got cant seem to play good quality videos theyre always pixeled, and flash player dont work on it either, ive tried searching for it to have but no luck, i want to download youtube vids and play them decent quality like before but cant now. and apparently theres no more updates for my fone. it needs something, any ideas if i can find a decent video player for it? love ur blog :)

sjc said...

Re Sarah Video: I would try to reset the phone using a soft reset or hard reset. If the flash player is not working this is most likely why the youtube videos are so poor.
Details for resets are: Soft reset type *#7780# on your keypad : Restores ini files from rom but preserves user data (photos, 3rd party apps etc).The phone will ask you a confirmation, enter a security code (12345 by default)
Hard Reset (*#7370#) : This reformats completely the C: drive. All applications and files stored on this drive will be lost and clean default files will be rewritten. The phone will ask you a confirmation and enter a security code (12345 by default)
I hope this helps :)

sarah said...

i did a hard reset about 3 week ago, because it had virus, i now use netquin its very good, but didnt solve any media probs i had. my version is v 52.0.007
the version date is 17/10/2010
im always lookin at ovi for updates but there neva is one, and my fone says its neva had one. can any one help

sjc said...

Re Sara firmware updates:
Upgrading your firmware to v.60 may well solve your flash player issue. If you still have v52 firmware then you will need to Change your product code, details in section 2 on my main page.
You could also try downloading nokia Flashlite from the ovi store.
In section 8 on my main page you can find details on the Youtube application. There are 2 basic settings Flash player and Standard player choose the Flash player as it is better quality. To change player just click the link below when watching a video.
Let me know how you get on :)

sarah said...

i tried the code but still says no updates available. very annoying. ill try the flash player thing u mentioned. any other way to update without debranding. what will debranding do to my fone.

global help said...

dear sjc bro, thanks a lot for such a informative blog,
I wanna ask you guys , is there any app to record FM radio with 5800? Thanks you..

global help said...

dear sjc bro, thanks a lot for such a informative blog,
I wanna ask you guys , is there any app to record FM radio with 5800? Thanks you..

sjc said...

Re Sarah: Debranding is quite a simple operation which only should take 20 mins. I did it recently on my Mum's 5800 and it worked perfectly.
What changes will you see, well if you have a O2 logo when you start up this will disappear and maybe some apss like "Web n Walk" (T-Mobile) will become just Web. It will take away the phone company branding and replace it with the default Nokia applications.
till next time :)

sjc said...

Re global help:From what i can see around MP3 Dictaphone supports this only in loud speaker mode.
All the best :)

global help said...

Thanks admin bro. I tried mp3 dictaphone as you suggested, but i dont hav credit card to buy this. So if you have activation key, could u share plz...